Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Q: What is Team Price?

    A: All Sports America sells Wholesale to Non-Profit, youth organizations, which are run by un-paid parent volunteers.  Team price is the wholesale pricing offered to these non-profit organizations.

  • 2. Q: How do I get a catalog?

    A: Click on the REQUEST CATALOG button under our Customer Service tab or click on CONTACT US button under the Customer Service tab at the top of the website or call us at 1-570-275-6400.  Lastly, you may also email the Sales Representative in your state and they will mail a catalog to you. 

  • 3. Q: Will I receive tracking numbers when my order ships?

    A: Yes, you will receive the FedEx tracking numbers via email within 24 hours of your package leaving our facility. However, you do need to make sure that we have your current email address on file.

  • 4. Q: Will I receive discounts off the catalog price for ordering a large quantity of equipment?

    A: We do offer multiple discounts off our already low catalog prices such as early order incentives and package deals. Contact your sales rep to find out what discounts you qualify for.

  • 5. Q: How do I check the status of my order?

    A: To check the status of your order - simply call your representative at 570-275-6400.

  • 6. Q: How do I return an Item?

    A: You need contact your sales representative to inform them of the reason an item needs returned.  They work with you on the details of how to send the product back.  Our return polices are located on Page 3 of our catalog or here.  All returned products need a returned merchandise authorization, an RMA,  which the Sales Representative will issue.

  • 7. Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

    A: In season, we ship In-stock orders within 24 hours. We ship orders via FedEx Ground so shipping timeframes will vary depending on your location. If you prefer a different shipping program i.e. 2 day air or next day service, we can accommodate your needs. Please talk to your ASA-Football Representative for information on these services  They can also inform you as to the exact ground shipping timeframe for your location.

    Orders that are back-ordered, are shipped as soon as they arrive from the manufacturer. They are shipped FedEx Ground.

    Drop-ship items are shipped out according to the manufacturer’s shipping programs. Please talk to your ASA-Football representative for the specific shipping timeframe.

    Please remember with any shipping company, local delays in delivery, due to weather or traffic delays, are beyond our control.

  • 8. Q: Can I see a sample of a product?

    A: Yes.  Firstly, please complete an Account Application for the current calendar year.  Secondly, please inform your ASA Football Sales Reprsentative of the products you are interested in.  They may send up to $300 of products at no charge.   Your account will be billed when the products are shipped but if you return them to ASA Football with the enclosed shipping label, there is no charge.  If you decide to keep the samples, you pay for them just like any other product.  A USPS return label is enclosed with each order.  The return shipping costs are paid by ASA Football.

  • 9. Q: Where are my jerseys printed?

    A: ASA Football has its own screen printing facility located on the premise where our employees screen print over 120,000 jerseys on an annual basis. Our company meticulously strives for quality and consistency when screen printing our customer’s jerseys. This process ensures that your jerseys will look good and be done the on time.

  • 10. Q: What is the difference between printing, tackle twill and sublimation?

    A: Screen printing is a process in which colored inks are applied directly to a jersey to create numbers, names and logos.  The ink is hand applied and then heated to cure the ink to the jersey.  Screen printing can be applied anywhere on the jersey, space permitting.  Screen printing is not like heat press printing which is less durable.

    Tackle twill is a very durable material which is cut to make numbers and names.  These items are then applied and sewn on to each jersey.  This process provides for a long lasting and durable jersey.  

    Sublimation is the newest process used in creating game jerseys.  The process takes a white jersey and has the pattern dyed directly into the fabric.  Since the ink is dyed into the jersey you can make an elaborately designed jersey without increased charges.  Sublimation jerseys also have a lifetime guarantee on color matching for repeat orders.  There will be no change in colors from one year to the next.

  • 11. Q: What if I have a problem with a product?

    A: ASA Football prides itself in not only providing you with the best possible product at the best price but also continuing customer service after the sale.  If you should experience a problem with any product ASA Football sells, please contact your ASA Football Sales Representative as soon as possible.  All returns must be authorized by our Customer Service Department.  Any defective products are to be returned by November 1st of the current year.  Any problems that may occur with a “CUSTOM” product are handled on a case by case basis but ASA Football will make every effort possible to resolve any outstanding issues.

  • 12. Q: What are my options if I place an order that I cannot pay in full?

    A: 1.  You may place a nominal deposit to get the order locked in. You can then make arrangements with your ASA Football Sales Representative for future payments. Once your order is paid in full - we can ship your order.
        2.   If your organization meets certain criteria, your organization may apply for credit terms. Ask your ASA Football Sales Representative for more details.
        3.   You may pay with a credit card which typically gives you about another 30 days to pay the invoice from your credit card company depending on your billing cycle.
        4.   If you are a government agency or a school district, you may submit a purchase order. Ask your ASA Football Sales Representative for more details.

  • 13. Q: What is the difference between All Sports America and ASA Football?

    A: The name All Sports America has been our original name since we started in 1985. ASA Football is because Youth Football is our main sport. It is simply an abbreviated version of our full name. ASA Football ⇒ All Sports America.

  • 14. Q: Can I pick up my order?

    A: We would be happy to have you pick up your order at our facility.  We ask that you give us a minimum of a 24 hour notice to prepare your order.  We also ask you to coordinate your pick-up with your ASA Football Sales Representative. Time and circumstances permitting, your ASA Football Sales Representative would also be happy to give you a brief tour of our facilities (please confirm with your Sales Representative prior to your arrival).

  • 15. Q: How does ASA Football branded products compare to name brands?

    A: We have developed our own brand of products that are made exclusively for our company at factories around the world. Our products are often different from those provided by the "name brand" companies in some very important ways. "Name brand" companies cater primarily to the college and professional markets. They need to be seen being used on television. Their age group products are merely "knock-offs", or watered-down versions, of what you see on television. On the other hand, ASA Football designs all of our uniforms and equipment specifically for the needs of the children we provide for - nothing more or less. This enables recreational groups around the country to buy exactly what they truly need and want - at Factory Direct prices.

  • 16. Q: Why should I buy from ASA Football and not go to a local store?

    A: There are many advantages that ASA football has versus a local dealer.  At ASA Football, we specialize in Youth Football.  We should be able to save you a sizable amount of money because we are buying millions of dollars of inventory at the same time.  This buying power allows us to offer our customers the lowest prices in the industry, saving your organization and your parents’ time and money by reducing fundraising and lowering registration costs.   Many companies have to wait until you place your order to obtain the products from the supplier.   We warehouse over 5 million dollars in inventory, so we can ship most items the same day you place your order.

  • 17. Q: What method of payments does ASA Football accept?

    A: ASA Football accepts checks (personal, business & certified), money orders, credit or debit cards(American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover), wire transfers, or purchase orders from Government Offices & School Districts.

    (Wire transfers over $1000.00 will receive a $25.00 credit)

    Personal or organizational checks must clear the bank (normally about 7 calendar days) before orders will ship.